Howdy, we’re Devils River Resources, a boutique oil company based in Dallas,Texas.


We don’t do things like big oil companies.


Our mission

Devils River Resources is a boutique oil company with high returns on nominal capital investment. We don’t do things like the big oil companies. We seek to create value for all parties involved while also acting as stewards for the lands in our care. Our team has completed thousands of wells and inked deals totaling in the hundreds of millions.




Foundations for success

Devils River Resources was founded in Dallas, Texas to focus on capital efficiencies available in the oil & gas industry today. The company uses its decades of know-how in oil field management alongside its copious connections and resources.

Our leadership has more than a century of combined experience in the exploration and development of oil and natural gas.

Our CEO, Gareth Roberts, holds Masters degrees in Geology and Geophysics from St. Edmund Hall, Oxford University, where he is an Honorary Fellow.

Mr. Roberts served as the President and CEO of Denbury Resources Inc. from 1992 to 2009 and remained as director until 2013. His expertise was particularly focused in the US Gulf Coast region and specialized in the acquisition and development of old fields with low productivity.



Texas is our home

All of the Devils River team calls Texas home. We have a vested interest in maintaining a healthy respect for the land while still maximizing revenue for our landowners. We at Devils River Resources strive for environmental stewardship of lands in our control.

It is of paramount importance to DRR to create value responsibly. A care for the environment can be seen in our history of CO2 sequestration and limited surface disruption by extending the life of existing wells.

Our goal is to work with you. DRR is committed to having the smallest environmental footprint possible so that the beautiful Texas landscape remains a home where wildlife can prosper.




Meet the team

Gareth Roberts / Mr. Roberts founded and led both Denbury Resources (to become a $10 billion company) and Petro Harvester (to become a $400 million company). Roberts’ companies specialize in advanced recovery methods in shallow oil. His career has spanned decades in key management and development positions. Roberts focus is on the day- to-day details as an operator.

Jonathan Collura / Mr. Collura has two decades in finance and has been in the oil patch since 2012. He has been involved in the capitalization of $200mm+ in deals. Collura has been a C-suite executive and his advanced knowledge of financial models and systems helps DRR with proper budgeting and management of funds.

William Barber/ Mr. Barber is a geologist who has handled the development of reservoirs in multiple basins nationwide. He has spent time with multiple companies assisting them with the geophysics of significant oil plays. Barber helps DRR with the geology.

Ed Buckle / Mr. Buckle has led many teams in the evaluation and development of oil & gas assets. Buckle will focus on the use of advanced recovery methods with DRR.